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ICON Stock Ford Bronco Rear Tire Carrier System
Price: $2,999.99

    Tired of your stock first-gen Bronco tire carrier rattling around? Due to popular demand, we have developed the ICON style tire carrier system applicable to your stock vintage (1966-1977) Bronco!

    This system removes the responsibility for supporting the weight of the tire & carrier from your body, and places it on the frame, where it should be! This design also relocates the spare tire to the driver’s side, enhancing visibility and allowing for the FORD script on your tailgate to be proudly seen!

    Our ICON Spare Tire Carrier kit includes a detailed instruction manual plus all the pieces you will need (including the high-quality hardware). Drilling is required (and ideally some minor welding). You will need to repaint or plate your stock bumper and powder coat or paint all of our metal parts (delivered in raw steel).

    Not only does this provide a 3-axis braced mounting point for the swing out tire carrier, but also significantly improves your frame rigidity (and safety) due to the full width brace that fits behind your stock rear bumper. Pivot shaft is fluted to allow for greasing. Carrier is designed to open to a fixed point automatically, so that your carrier will not swing out into traffic or damage your tailgate when opened. Simply lift the black round knob to release when closing. License plate light and mounting plate is included (wiring that it is on you!). Will not interfere with your stock license plate mount on the tailgate.

    Wheel mounting plate is set up to accommodate custom lug patterns (you drill to suite). Will fit bodies with lift kits. Made in the USA!

 Local pick up is welcomed. Shipping prices are so high right now, sorry!

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The Bumper Kit is Wooden crated to prevent damage during transportation, Please allow 2 - 3 days for crate to be build and shipped.

-Install Instructions Download.