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ICON Signature LED Headlights (ICON-7RDBKIT)
Price: $799.99

The signature ICON Headlights are powered 100% by Light Emitting Diodes (LED's). The 7” Vortex LED Headlights from Vision X Lighting is a complete plug and play replacement for vehicles that utilize a 7” round fixture. These headlights are approved by the DOT, and far exceed DOT performance standards for high and low beam headlights. The Unique orange halo ring can be wired up as a daytime running light, turn signal, or whatever else you can imagine. Sold as a pair of two. Available in Black Chrome with Amber Halo only.

4,210 Raw Lumens
2,947 Effective Lumens
18 Watt Low Beam, 13 Watt High Beam, 2 Watt Ring
Dimensions 7" x 7" x 3.9" (176.8mm x 176.8mm x 97.8mm)

Extended Warranty

Limited Life Time Warranty for Consumer Markets
3 Year for Commercial Markets

1. Proof of purchase is required to validate warranty and is valid from the original date of purchase. All products must be bought through a Vision X Authorized Dealer or one of their dealers/resellers.

2. When replacing sealed beams, connector from harness to bulb (on your vehicle) will need to be rewired to accommodate an H4 style bulb.

3. Improper installation, accident, abuse, neglect and normal wear are not covered under warranty.

4. Lights operated in environments over 150o Fahrenheit are not covered under warranty.

5. Warrantied items will be repaired to working condition and returned without cosmetic alterations.

6. Warranties should be handled through the dealer/reseller the product was purchased from; customer is responsible for delivery to Vision X Returns in Washington.

7. If product is not under warranty, customers will be responsible for shipping return shipping charges.

8. Additionally, non-warranted items can be repaired at the customer’s expense of parts and labor, at the discretion of Vision X Lighting, who will provide an estimated repair cost before proceeding with the repair.

9.("All sales are final no returns no refunds")