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The passion and emotion evoked by classic cars is matched only by those feelings that rise up in one’s appreciation of fine timepieces.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that ICON Founder and Lead Designer, Jonathan Ward, is a major vintage watch collector. The modern watch industry has also been a source of inspiration for ICON, as the quality of execution, novel designs and engineering feats have kept the industry alive.

Jonathan began the development process of an ICON watch many years ago. During the last couple of years, development of the project has accelerated to ensure the finished product would be both classic and modern; traditional yet distinctly unique. In the end, it was vital to create a timepiece consistent with the ICON brand ethos.

Over the years, Jonathan has repurposed and designed many unique vehicles to global acclaim. His inspiration has always been the continuity of vintage automotive design juxtaposed by the highest-quality modern engineering and luxury materials. This significant understanding and expertise led him to apply his unique perspective to the design of timepieces. Classic design revisited in a modern context.


After countless hours of research and development, we are proud to announce the first ICON watch - The ICON Duesey.

This is not some pre-existing watch with an ICON logo. This is a passionately developed project starting from scratch, from the singular perspective of one man. Countless sketches, models, samples and hundreds of hours of consideration led to its creation. Every aesthetic element of this design, from bezel to buckle, is unique to The Duesey, crafted specifically for this one watch. 100% designed and modelled by Jonathan, and Swiss manufactured, this timeless watch is extremely limited to 50 examples. Featuring a unique combination of materials, and a vintage Jump Hour display with wandering minutes, the 42mm ICON Duesey design and rarity is on par with Jonathan’s famous ICON custom vehicles. A proven and globally-serviceable Swiss movement was also a vital priority.


Looking forward, ICON Watches will move well beyond the traditional automotive design themed watches we have all seen, by drawing from a much deeper well of knowledge and inspiration, free of the constraints of tradition and big brand bureaucracy. Moving through the decades spanning 1920’s-1970’s, future ICON watches will use Jonathans’ favorite transportation design elements through these decades as the founding perspective for each watch created.

There will only be 50 numbered ICON Duesey's.